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Discovery Sports Coaching is a website with multiple functions and features. It allows clients to book various services online and via either Paypal or Credit/Debit Card with Stripe. These functions are neatly brought together in a Booking Calendar addon. The booking calendar integrates with Google Calendar‘s API to allow managing availability a doddle.

A little about the Booking Calendar….

Available Slots are set via google calendar by you (the owner). IE: Mondays have a slot 10am – 12pm available, so You would create the appointment in Google Calendar with the name matching the service on your website (pre-installed and configured by us). Your calendar wll see the appointment you’ve created and display it on the webpage. Also included are admin notifications – so you can see exactly who’s booked what, when and where.

Stripe Integration

What is Stripe? Stripe is a software platform for running an internet business that takes card payments online. Its reasonable rates and lack of regular monthly costs make it a good choice for both small and large businesses. Stripe requires you have an encrypted website (SSL Certificate). Happily for you business owners out there – Big Sky Web provides an entry level SSL certificate and can implement it for you. SSL ensures data passed between the web server and the user is encrypted. This is essential for websites handling sensitive and private credentials such as debit card details for example. Stripe sends out receipts automatically for the customer once they’ve booked and paid.

Custom Payment Form

The website also features a bespoke-built payment form which calculates discounts before showing a ‘pay now’ button. This is designed for people who either book and pay later, or just prefer paying online without booking. The flexibility this offers (alongside the booking calendar, paypal and stripe integration) is remarkable for a website this simple and easy to use. No user accounts are needed, no faff – just simple, secure and elegant solutions for the end user.

Custom Logo

Discovery Sport’s Logo was also designed by us! Learn more from our graphic design page here.

Like what you see?

Check our our web design page for more info. Alternatively, contact us for a quote or more information on our services.

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