Search Engine Optimisation

We aim to understand your business, your target market and your requirements. We provide Search Engine Optimisation services to increase website visitors, to promote your services or products, and boost your sales. We utilize a vast amount of essential SEO tools, techniques and expertise to greatly increase your ROI.

Our SEO Package

Our SEO Package is designed for smaller businesses targeting specific locales. It doesn’t involve paid-for (Pay-Per-Click) advertising as a method of publicizing your website. We aim to understand your business, your target market, your USPs etc. With our bespoke content-management and Google services expertise, we can greatly increase relevant site traffic – boosting your income, without paying £100s a month on adverts!

Content Analysis & Optimisation

We analyse, then optimise your website to ensure the search terms that people are using online match up with your website. You’ll get an increase in Google rank & relevant click-throughs. We optimise your website’s Meta Titles, Page titles, headers & descriptions, image names, alt tags, schema, URLs and more.

Google Management

We register you with Google as a business, plus completely manage your Google+ business page as well. This will allow either local customers, or customers performing location-specific searches to find you online.

Link Building

We create reputable outgoing and incoming links on your website based on your company’s USPs, your specific requirements & your target audience to maximise your Google rank.

Schema Markup

We use advanced techniques – such as marking up your website with the correct ‘schema’ so that search engines know how best to crawl your website. is sponsored by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Yandex.


We will integrate your website with Google Analytics so that you can track exactly how many people are finding your website, where they’re from. This information allows us to see what aspects are working best for you, and expound on them.

Support & Maintenance

Ongoing updates and maintenance from us which will ensure your website maintains its rank over time.

“Get Noticed Online, Guaranteed.”

We’d love to help your business grow online with our tailored-to-you SEO package. Contact us for more information on how we can help your website grow and develop online.

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