By this stage, you’ll have your categories, tags and attributes set up (hopefully!). So now, all that’s left is to log in, create a product, select the right options such as price, stock, category etc and then publish your product. Adding and Managing Products – WooCommerce Docs

Step 1: Log in to your WordPress dashboard

contact us if you don’t have these details.

Step 2: Add a product

  1. Select: Products
  2. Click: Add Product

Step 3: Enter a Title and a Description

There’s two boxes – one for a title [“Product Name” box], and another larger box underneath for the product description. Fill both these in.

Step 4: Options

Check over all the available options on this page – ie: if you choose to display the item cost, make sure in the Product Data box that you’ve entered a Cost.

Step 5: Product Images

On the right hand side you’ll see [1] Product Image and [2] Product gallery. Use these links to add photos to your website. The product image is the main featured image, whereas the gallery images are optional additional images.

Step 6: Select your Category

Select your product category on the right hand side. Multiple categories can be selected if necessary.

Step 7: Preview and Publish

Top right you have a preview button, and a publish button. Press preview to view your new product and publish to make it go live!

View all the documentation straight from the developers via the image below.


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