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Kesir Pellet Mills UK

Kesir Pellet Mills

Kesir are a high-end UK supplier of pellet mill machines.

“We offer peace of mind, with modern and innovative initial designs and layout, machinery built to the highest quality, using the best materials available. We also provide onsite installation and training at no additional cost for our larger pellet mill systems.

Kesir have over 2400 pellet mill systems worldwide. In a world dominated by chinese manufactured, cheaper pellet mill systems, Kesir only use the best, highest quality components and parts for their pellet mills, both for small pellet mills and large industrial pellet mill systems.

What Makes Our Pellet Mills Unique?

“Our pellet mills are custom built for your application. Our LM series of systems are designed to take the guesswork out of making pellets. All of our 10-hp + systems include material storage hoppers with self-feeding mechanisms and built-in mixing paddles that prevent the bridging of materials.” view src

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About the Kesir website….

Kesir’s website is designed to be stylish, modern, corporate and yet highly informative about their pellet mill systems. It utilises modern theme components, google fonts, modern web standards, high speed caching and content delivery networks (CDN) to deliver a fast, responsive and attractive user experience. The website also utilises high performance VPS web hosting to deliver content to the user quickly. This is especially useful as there are plenty of image galleries and video embeds to browse through.

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