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‘The History of World Championship Motorcycle Racing -Volume 1 1949-1958′ by Ron Maggs – visit site.

“This book by Ron Maggs covers the first decade of World Championship Motorcycle Racing, giving reports & full race results of each race. Each year is summarised and Championship positions are given too. The aim is that the reader is able to obtain information at a glance.” is a website designed to promote Ron Maggs’ books – currently of which there’s one for sale. The website features photos taken from the book itself along with reviews from established magazines and reviewers. Alongside these are excerpts from the book plus a brief synopsis as to what readers of the book can expect. The website is stylishly laid out like a magazine or printed article, however remains fully responsive and readable on all manner of devices.

It also features a photo with a pricing label – designed by Big Sky Web’s graphic design department, a contact form which handles order requests and sends them directly to Ron, and responsive image galleries that open in light-box elements showcasing the book’s illustrations.

Like what you see? Contact us today to speak to our web design department. Big Sky Web are Lincolnshire web designers who provide professional websites at an affordable cost. This bespoke project was designed for this local, Sleaford (UK) based author very competitively priced and is bang up to date with the latest web standards and performance benchmarks for modern websites. Contact Big Sky Web today.

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