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Big Sky Web develop websites which have potential – if fit for purpose – to utilise Google Adsense to increase revenue from your website. But what is Google Adsense? Well, Adsense if like Google Adwords in reverse. Adwords customers effectively say to Google: “I’ll pay you (Google) to put my advert on the internet. Whether it be on search-engine results, or websites.” Adsense customers then come along and say: “I’ve got space on my website that I can let other’s advertise on. So, pay me every time the advert I allow on my website gets clicked on.”

So it’s pretty simple – Google will pay you for hosting adverts on your website or blog. Cool eh?

Here’s the bad news though. It’s only a good earner if your website gets a lot of visitors, or if you own many websites than cumulatively get a lot of traffic. The more traffic, the more likely people are to click on those adverts and for you to get your money! So for trending blogs, information websites, social networks, forums, classifieds, ecommerce stores etc etc – Adsense is a great addition. However for small websites which get very few views – it’s not so great.

Mandolin Chords - Chord diagrams for Mandolin players

Mandolin Chords Website

Adsense Case Study: Mandolin Chords ~

Mandolin Chords is an information-based website which provides accurate chord diagrams for Mandolin players. Along with a blog full of Mandolin-based information, helps & tips and info etc – is much space that can be dedicated to adverts – funding the website development. Using a side-bar widget area mostly, the website doesn’t sacrifice userbility, speed or quality with the inclusion of well-placed adsense adverts.

Big Sky Web can implement Adsense into your website so that you too can earn online from your website, blog or online store. Why not give Mandolin Chords a visit too, to see how well Adsense ads perform, and for handy tips and tricks (and chords) for your Mandolin!

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