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Creating Appointments in your website’s booking calendar

Your Bookings Calendar interprets appointments booked in your Google Calendar as free spaces. So for example, creating a ‘Tuesday’ appointment with a title: ‘Consultation’ for times 9:00-10:00am in your google calendar, will create a Consultation appointment on your website which people can see and book for themselves. If you’ve got no appointments in your google calendar – your website calendar will not have any free spaces.

Once a client/customer has booked and appointment, your google calendar entry will be updated – and that appointment slot (unless cancelled) will no longer be available on your website.

Step 1: Login to your Google Calendar

Click the button below to go to Google Calendar – you may be required to enter your username and password.

Go to Google Calendar

Step 2: Click Create

Click the create button to open the new appointment screen.

Step 3: Creating a free slot

  1. Enter the title. It’s very important that you enter the exact name of your service in the title box. This is how your website links your services to your appointments – by means of this title. If you have a service entitled: “Web Design Consultation”, enter that exact name into your title.
  2. Set the Start & End times here – and also the date for the appointment.
  3. Configuration depending, you can enter a location too – and this will appear on a map when the customer books.

Step 4: Create a Recurrence.

Creating a recurring appointment removes the need to manually input availability for every slot in your schedule. For example: You may offer an Initial Consultation every Monday 10-11am….

  1. Click the Repeat checkbox
  2. And select how many times you wish to repeat the appointment – Ie: Every monday starting next week (repeats indefinitely)
  3. Click Done, and you will see your appointment is ‘mirrored’ throughout your calendar

NOTE: To delete a recurrence, you do not need to delete each appointment individually. Clicking to delete a recurring appointment will result in a dialogue which will ask whether you want to delete ALL appointments in the series – or just the one you selected.

Learn more about repeating appointments here

Step 5: Now check your Website’s Booking Calendar

You should see the appointments you’ve created appear on your website! More than that, if you delete the appointment – it’ll sync automatically and delete it from your Booking Calendar. When someone books an appointment, you will be notified via email & the appointment in Google Calendar will be updated with all the booking information & it will no longer be bookable online (unless it’s cancelled). Quick and easy integration with Google Calendar that gives you the power to manage your schedule!

Additional Info: Cancelling & Managing Bookings.

To manage your bookings..

  • Login to your wordpress dashboard (contact us for the info)
  • Go to ‘TeamBooking’ on the left hand side
  • There you can delete bookings, cancel them (which sends the client a cancellation notification), and more


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